The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Things to Do in Goa

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Things to Do in Goa

Goa by hearing about this place we instantly get an entertainment vibe. It’s the best holiday trip if you want to make your trip fully memorable. Goa is the combination of 3S – Sun, Sand, Sea and it’s a wonderful place to be enjoyed. But every one of us is stuck with a few questions like what are the tourist places in Goa, where should we stay like thinking about the best hotels, and the most important question what is the best time to visit Goa.

Goa Tourists places:

Goa Tourist Places - TravelO Freaks

To make your each and every second enjoyable make sure to know what to see in Goa. Here are few places which are the best places to travel in north and south Goa if you miss seeing these places there will be no use in your going to Goa:

Arjuna Flea Market:
This is the place where you can see a variety of things. This is located in north Goa. Arjuna Flea Market is the best place where you can find different things which all are available in Goa like jewelry, shawls, gifts, display toys etc…. You can find so decorative things which are sold by the local people. Mostly this market was where the foreigners used to sell their products, but now after they left the market the local people are selling their products which make a huge profit to them.

The churches in Goa are fabulous the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Santa Catarina is one of the oldest churches in south Goa and is the most visited places in Goa.

Dolphins are way more beautiful while seeing them in life. They are beautiful and very innocent creatures. In Goa there is an exciting dolphin cruise will be held which you never want to miss.

It may be any place we visit if there is no such place to have special food, then we won’t be satisfied here in Goa we have two such places. Mum’s kitchen and Martin’s corner. Mum’s kitchen is in the capital of Goa and the other one martin’s corner is in south Goa both the places have such a tasty food that you would never want to leave Goa ever.

The Beach is one of the most things that any tourists would not leave Goa before visiting it. The St. Anthony’s Beach Shack is the most beautiful beach that you would never get to see rather than in Goa. Once the sun sets the restaurants will be having the candle set table which is a most romantic thing just imagine taking your girlfriend or your wife.

Beach Hotels in Goa:

Beach Hotels in Goa
By staying on the side of the beach is a very interesting thing to do in Goa right?
Here are a few hotels which are at beach-side in Goa:
● Taj Exotica
● Alila Diwa
● Adamo- The Bellus
● Santana Beach Resort
● Ramada Caravela Beach resort

These are the best places to stay if you want to have a beach view while you are in your bed.

It may be anytime you want to visit Goa it is the best romantic getaway to visit, but during June to September it is the most beautiful place to be considered which is the monsoon season in Goa and the most of the hotels will be offering discounts. Don’t think about it twice just pack your bags and make a trip to Goa and make your free time the most memorable time.

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