The Best Hidden Islands And Vacation Spots In The World

The Best Hidden Islands And Vacation Spots In The World

Making mind to visit a beautiful Island? Wondering to explore hidden Islands? Then you have reached to the right place. We will be exploring the secret Islands which you have never heard of and will be finding out the best Islands where you can hang with your near & dear ones.

1. Apulit Island, Philippines

The pleasurable site to visit. The natural beauty of Apulit Island is irresistible that you will not be able to stop yourself from visiting there.

2. Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico
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It is highly famous for its best boat tours in the world and people specifically visited here to enjoy boating and to see the aesthetic beauty of this island which makes them more energetic and full of life.

3. Lamu, Kenya

This Island is categorized into the UNESCO world heritage sites. It is a pack of wonderful natural beauty and culture which will attract you when you are just exploring its pictures.

4. Utila Island, Honduras

It is the second largest island in the world; its marine life is very much famous for exploration. Its greenery is so lovable that once you visit, you will never say a word of coming back home.

5.Saba Island, Dutch Caribbean

Every year, more than 25000 visitors visit this beautiful Island, this count is increasing day by day. It is famous for its highly potential volcano present at highest point.

Many other islands which you would love to visit are :-

1. Holbox Island, Mexico

Holbox Island, Mexico
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2. Water Island, U.S. Virgin Island

Water Island, U.S. Virgin Island
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3. Kon he/ Coral Island, Thiland

Coral Island, Thiland
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4. Little Palm Island, Florida

Little palm Island, Florida
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5. Mirihi Island, Maldives

The first thing that comes in mind is to spot an island on map, but what if you are not able to find them on map. Yes, true indeed, there are few islands which are not on map and actually exist. Want to explore? Let’s do it.

The islands not on maps are:-

• Phantom Island

This Island was believed to be located between Cape Horn and New Zealand in the southernmost region of the Pacific Ocean. It was located in the ancient maps till 1886, during the exploration tours in 19th and 20th centuries, it was never found. Still it is a mystery that where this island is.

• Sable Island

Sable Island
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It is a moving Island as it moves slowly with west winds and sand deposits and form new pieces, which are why it is not located on the map as its position is not defined till now and it never, remained still. It is regarded as the graveyard of the Atlantic because it is highly dangerous to visit there.

• Sandy Island

This area was indicated on many maps in the late 19th century and gained public attention in 2012 (November) but nobody was able to find this area and this Island was regarded as undiscovered Island.

What are you waiting for, Pack your bags and explore the beautiful Islands in the world.

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